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    Sign “O” the Times

    His Purple Badness notwithstanding, many thanks to Scooter at Coyote Signs for our new visual presence on Fruitvale Ave! Now if we can just get a tall enough ladder to trim the trees!


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    The Gift that Keeps on Giving

    Often, perennial vegetables need no care at all.  This artichoke plant came from a gardener in the Laurel.  A few years ago I planted the divisions he was giving away, and they have come back, year after year.  I fertilized them once with bunny compost and each year I mulch them with straw. They’re so beautiful, it’s almost a shame to eat them.  Almost.…

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    We Have Mushroom Kits!

    We’re bringing the concept of DIY Food to a whole new level!  We’re featuring Oyster Mushroom Kits from Mushroom Maestros.  These kits come inoculated with mycelium, ready to grow.  So fun to watch, and so delicious to eat!…

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    Bee Swarms

    Dr. Eric Mussen (UC Davis Extension Apiculturist) recently spoke at the Alameda County Beekeeper’s Association about swarm control. He said that adding an additional deep or medium box with drawn comb in it to the bottom of your Langstroth hive at the beginning of the spring swarm season can help prevent a hive from swarming. The reasoning is that it keeps returning forager bees out of the brood nest, so …

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    Drone Traps

    Late fall through early spring is a difficult time for honey bee colonies that are infested with varroa mites. A significant infestation can lead to the death of the colony. Mites lay eggs on honey bee larvae and favor drone cells due to their longer gestation period.

    One way to help your colony get rid of a varroa infestation is to do “drone trapping” with a special frame that …

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