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New to urban farming? Want to meet the experts? Pollinate Farm & Garden hosts a speaker series and hands-on DIY workshops on a variety of topics. Classes are held in our community meeting and learning space, in our garden, or at another site as indicated.  Learn more about our instructors, or become one yourself!

Wednesday, April 9, 6:30-8:00 — Bee-friendly Habitat Gardening with Jaime Pawelek

Learn how to attract and conserve native bees in your home garden. You’ll explore native bee biology and ecology and use this information to help you design a bee-friendly landscape. You will also learn the best bee plants for your garden and tips to promote healthy plant growth. Participants will also learn about how to build their own bee condo, to invite cavity nesting bees into their gardens. You will receive a seasonal plant list and bee condo building instructions. Registration: $20

Jaime PawelekInstructor Bio: Jaime Pawelek is owner of Wild Bee Garden Design.  She earned a B.S. in Conservation and Resource Studies from UC Berkeley and has worked in the Urban Bee Lab for over 4 years. She studies the biology and ecology of native bees and their role in urban ecosystems. She is also a gardener in Marin County and designs bee habitat gardens throughout the Bay Area. She teaches workshops for Master Gardeners, native plant societies and local schools.

Wednesday, April 23, 6:30-8:00 — Hands-On Drip Irrigation Workshop with Steve Williams, owner of Stephen Williams Landscaping

Now, more than ever, every drop of water is precious. Drip irrigation is a practical and responsible way to provide water to our edibles and ornamentals.Do you want an easier way to water your garden, but are intimidated by irrigation systems? Come and learn what all the parts and pieces are from an expert. Participants will work with the parts and put together a simple system for watering vegetable beds. They will also receive a 10% discount on irrigation supplies. Registration: $20

Photo by JobyOneInstructor Bio: Stephen Williams is owner of Stephen Williams Landscaping. He designs landscapes and irrigation systems of all sizes throughout the Bay Area.  Stephen has also managed installation and maintenance crews for several large Bay Area landscape design firms



Sunday, April 27, 11:00 -2:00 – Introduction to Backyard Beekeeping with bee breeder and hobbyist Alan Kramer

New to beekeeping or just want to understand more about what’s involved before plunging in? Curious about all the buzz, why bees need our help and how you can get involved? Join us for an Introduction to Backyard Beekeeping with Alameda County Beekeepers Association member and local hobbyist bee keeper and bee breeder Alan Kramer.

Learn the basics of backyard beekeeping in this popular class! Topics include common hive types, tools and safety equipment, hive maintenance and a hands-on hive inspection. Participants will have an opportunity to taste local honey and receive 10% off our basic safety accessories starter kit. Registration: 40.00

AHK HeadshotInstructor Bio: Alan Kramer is a small-scale hobbyist beekeeper and bee breeder in the Berkeley Hills close to Tilden Park, where he has been involved in beekeeping ever since a swarm chose a pine tree in his backyard to bivouac on more than 5 springs ago…  Over the past 5 years, Alan has created close to 100 splits and bred well over 100 queens in his effort to make a small-scale source of locally-adapted open-bred queens and nucs available to the local East Bay beekeeping community.