Plastic 1lb. Queenline Honey Jars

  • $1.79

Show off your honey in these Queenline jars!

They are made of a crystal clear, food-grade rigid plastic and hold approximately 1 pound of honey (by weight). The plastic is very light-weight which makes it much more cost effective to ship and less likely to break compared to glass. The narrow design of these jars allow for light to shine through which shows off the beautiful golden hues of your honey. They have a honeybee embossed near the top as well as lines embossed on the top and bottom of the jar (hence the name “queenline”). The flat middle section of the jar is a perfect place to apply a label. They are BPA-free, recyclable and re-usable making them eco-friendly. Sold with lids.

5.5" tall  3.75" wide  1.125" deep