Bonny Doon Farm's Meehan Engineer & Tradesman's Salve 2oz.

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Bonny Doon Farm's salves are effective for relief of dry and cracked skin caused by alkaline and solvents as well as abrasions by hand tools and/or machinery use.  Made with only pure virgin olive oils, pharmaceutical grade cocoa butter, and local beeswax, scented with Laurel Leaf, Chamomile, and Rosewood pure botanical oils, this salve was one of their favorites! Comes in tins of 4 and 2 ounces.

Bonny Doon Farm remains a personal choice. As a local business and farm, since 1972 their choice of premium ingredients – many home made and hand made, all locally produced plus small batch colognes and pure botanicals – are for those who appreciate the difference, on our bodies and to the environment affordably.  This attention to quality and fair pricing and Made In California separates us from masses .

Thank you for supporting small farms and business in the USA. All Bonny Doon products are made in California!