Kitchen Garden Coaching

  • $75.00

A kitchen garden changes with the seasons. Are you a DIYer? We can provide support as you get to know the rhythms of your existing garden or as you get started doing it yourself. We can answer questions, help troubleshoot problems and offer recommendations to help you achieve your garden goals. Need advice on your flock or honey bee colony? We can help! This is done by a virtual visit. 

$75 per hour (30 minute minimum). Additional time will be invoiced following the call. Includes:

  • Coaching phone call or virtual visit
  • Written recap and notes
  • Seasonal planting and harvesting guide

Upon purchasing, you will be emailed a PDF with a link to fill out our Client Plant Survey. We look forward to working with you!


We also offer:
On-Site Visits
Kitchen Garden Installations

We can help you get started with bee and chicken keeping, too! Ask us for more information.