Bonny Doon Farm's Lodge Hand Salve

  • $10.00

Opening the container is like you are entering an evergreen forest. Contains only pure and extra virgin olive oils, pharmaceutical grade cocoa butter, premium beeswax, and of course pure, steam-distilled spruce oil. Label artwork of Bonny Doon Farm “Lodge”, the Big House on the property, by Maryjo Koch, renowned illustrator of art.

Bonny Doon Farm remains a personal choice. We carry on the Farm’s mission as a local business and farm, since 1972. Our choice of premium ingredients, home made, hand made products, small batch colognes and pure botanicals – for those who appreciate the difference, on our bodies and to the environment affordably- separates us from masses .

Thank you for supporting small farms and business in the USA. Bonny Doon products are made in California!